John Booth


John Booth has directed over 100 commercials and music videos. His music videos include:

Johnny Clegg - "The Crossing" (Director's Cut)

Adeva - "Beautiful Love" (Director's B&W Version)

Redhead Kingpin and the F.B.I. - "Do The Right Thing"

Innocence - "Matter Of Fact"

A more comprehensive list of John's music videos: Adeva's "Till You Come Back To Me", "Don't Let It Show On Your Face", "It Should've Been Me", "Beautiful Love", "Warning", "I Thank You", "Ring My Bell" (with Monie Love); Asia Blue's "Connect"; Bad Boys Inc.'s "More To This World"; The Boys Who Sold The World (Commercial); The Bible's "Honey Be Good"; Billie Ray Martin's "Space Oasis", "Imitation Of Life", "Running Around Town"; Drizabone's "Catch A Fire"; Esta's "Homelands"; Faith No More's Live Concert Video; Fred Astaire (Compilation Commercial); Giant Steps' "Another Lover"; Ghostdance's "Celebrate", "Down To The Wire"; Innocence's "Let's Push It", "Matter Of Fact"; JJ's "Crying Over You"; Jermaine Stewart's "Every Woman Wants To"; Johnny Clegg's "The Crossing"; Joyce Sims' "Walk Away"; Juliet Roberts' "Again"; Jungle Brothers' "Doin' Our Own Dang"; Liane Foley's "Doucement", "Va Savoir"; Loose Ends' "Cheap Talk"; Lulu's "Independence"; Optimystic's "Best Thing In The World"; Petula Clark's "Downtown (Remix)", "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love"; The Proclaimers' "Walk 10,000 Miles"; Redhead Kingpin and the F.B.I.'s "Do The Right Thing", "Superbad Superslick"; Rick Astley's "Cry For Help"; Rozalla's "Do You Want To Fly"; Steve Silk Hurley's "Jack Your Body"; Stock Aitken Waterman's "Roadblock"; Wally Jump Junior's "Tighten Up", "Private Party".